English to Chinese Translation

Do you want to present yourself or your organization to a Chinese-speaking audience? At Cook Intercultural Services, founder and head translator Trevor Cook serves as your single point of contact throughout and personally oversees the Chinese translation or content creation process.

Through an initial consultation, Trevor will note your specific needs and apprise you of any cultural points to consider for your translation. During translation, he will follow up with you as needed, and you can contact him at any time with questions or changes in requirements. He will personally oversee the process and work directly with qualified, natively Chinese-speaking translators to make sure you get back what you intended.

Please send an email with the following information to info@cookintercultural.com to see what Cook Intercultural Services LLC can do for you:

  • Your name,
  • Contact phone number,
  • Description of Project/Inquiry, and
  • Any relevant attachments